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Free Online Game Horik the Viking

We are glad that you have chosen to play our free online action game Horik the Viking, on Horik and we wish you luck in killing dragons!

Who where the vikings and why play Horik the Viking?

The Vikings were Scandinavian traders, explorers, and warriors who, during the years 700–1050, dominated the northern half of Europe. According to some historical sources, the Vikings even reached the North American coast. The Vikings were known as Varangians by the Eastern Slavs, Byzantines, and Arabs.

Legends and myths are very important in Viking culture, as they are for many civilizations in history. And dragons are an important part, present in all their myths, legends, as well as in countless drawings left of them, on stones or on certain objects.

Their founding myth says that life began with the Iggdrasil tree, with huge branches and deep roots in the ground. The Vikings believed that the first dragon was born at that root.

Basically, in this online game, you are Horik, a Viking village of fear that dragons inspire and you have decided to go to be killed by dragons.

To move forward or backward, use the arrows on the keyboard (or press the arrows on the screen of your mobile phone / tablet), and to to attack press the "X" key. Keep in mind that you can also jump by pressing the UP arrow on the keyboard and you can hit while jumping.

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